Monday, December 18, 2006

Preparing For My Christmas Voyage

Twas the night before the trip and all through the house
Only Mogwai was stirring, there better not be a mouse
All of the bags were packed with with presents to share
And some of Mogwai's gadgets, more than a pair
If he could only go to sleep, of sugar plums he would dream
But tommorow he can nap on a train, electric not steam.

Yeah, its past 3am and I am bored and excited all at the same time. Tomorrow, I take off for Takaoka to spend Christmas with Karie and Reid and in keeping with tradition, I can't sleep to save my life. There is something about trips that make me all antsy and excited. I love to travel and I love to travel by train, its not that I am going anywhere spectacular, I just like to travel. Its a break from the routine and I think that is why I like vacations so much. Breaks are no fun unless you do something out of the ordinary.

Anywho, I may try to sleep soon but I doubt it, I am not tired in the slightest. From tomorrow to about a week from tomorrow, I will be out of town. I will still have my laptop with me and I will have internet access so I don't think there will be any lack of posts. If anything, there may be more, we are actually going to do stuff that will be worth talking about so stay tuned.


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