Sunday, December 24, 2006

On Ninjas and Other Holiday Topics

First off, I am here to end the debate between pirates and ninjas right now. Ninjas win hands down. Period. Next topic. Having visited a 350 year old temple and witnessed the amount of ways ninjas can rig a building to trap, injure, or kill you, I am now positive that ninjas would beat pirates any day of the week, including leap years. Out of the nineteen highlights on this tour Karie and Reid took me on, only four of them were not there to serve a double purpose to defeat an invader or foe. The place had everything, trapdoors, hidden stairways that went down to dead end rooms, two way sliding doors, tunnels, you name it. Ninjas are crafty, crafty people.

Last night, I went to see Casino Royale with Karie and Reid and a couple of their Japanese teachers. Japanese movie theaters are also pretty cool. The chairs are much cushier than American theater seats and the experience was very fun. Mind you, movies here are about double the price of what tickets cost in the US but it was still a fun experience. By the way, the new James Bond movie is easily the best one I have seen in a long time and I think I like Craig Daniels as James Bond almost as much as I liked Sean Connery.

I also started collecting these little Hello Kitty cell phone dangles while here. As it turns out, for every city or major attraction in Japan, there is a Hello Kitty dangle to mark the spot or occasion. While I would never put them on my phone I think they are kind of a cool way to remember all of the places I have been to. That and since there are so many of them, its kind of like catching Pokemon in the sense that there are so damned many of them that its fun just to see how many you can amass. Then again, I get obsessive when I start collecting stuff like this...

Well, I need to head to bed or else Santa won't visit me, despite the fact that he already air mailed me my presents. It doesn't really feel like Christmas but it still feels nice to be able to relax with friends and hang out. We watched Christmas movies earlier tonight, including A Christmas Story; that was fun. Before that, we went to Toyama to eat at a very tasty Indian restaurant. All in all, a very un-Christmasy Christmas Eve. Anywho, I need to get going but I do have pics to put up on here, I just don't have the ambition at the moment to do so. Expect a pic post soon. Merry Christmas!


At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Merry Christmas to you and Karrie and Reid. Glad you all got a chance to get together for the Holidays. We do have the snow, although the sun is shining quite brightly right now. Enjoy, and we'll be talking to you!

Luv, Dad

At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Peltzer said...

Oooohhhhh Fudge!
Christmas Story in that's a holiday event!
Have a good one, Mog!



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