Saturday, November 04, 2006

Latest Goings On

First, I just have felt really unmotivated to post anything on here. Nothing really happened, I have just been lazy and not a ton of stuff has come up to write a whole post about. Its just kind of one of those down times and I am not going to force myself to write on here because I do not want to burn myself out and bore you with lame details of my life.

Though, the past few days have perked up a bit so now I will fill you in.

I had my Fall meetings and they went well. I had to give a presentation on the history of the Japanese school system and its current state and I think that went well. I still have a job so I must not have goofed too much up. After the first day of meetings, a bunch of us went to a darts bar and I think I have found my new favorite pastime. I love darts. My co-workers and I must have played four or five hours of darts and everyone had a lot of fun. Its a shame my area doesn't have a darts bar but now I have something to do when I go to Himeji.

Now that meetings are over, I have a five day weekend and today one of my new co-workers and I went into Osaka and I showed her around Den Den Town. While there, I bought the rest of the parts to finish the computer I am building. Now you might be saying, "Mogwai, why get a new computer?" Because, I got a really good deal on some pretty high quality parts and I am sick of this notebook not being able to play games really well or interact with my LCD correctly. Even after Christmas gift buying, I had the money to be able to do it and this machine was just too cute to pass up. I will have a new post soon showing off my new little demon. Oh yeah, I can also watch TV on it now too and hook up video game consoles to it, though I don't have any.

What else has been going on...hmm. I went on probably the nicest bike ride I have ever been on the other day. I think in total, it was probably about 24km and a bit of hill climbing. The kicker was I found yet another new place in Fukuchiyama and explored it. It is this really big industrial park outside of town that has a road that runs into a new subdivision with Western-style houses. I found one house that I loved, too bad I don't have near enough money to buy it. What made the trip fun was the scenery. It was very surreal; in one area I saw all of these huge factories and a block down was a park. This kept up for a while and it was as though they felt bad for building these industrial complexes and needed to compensate by developing all these little parks and playgrounds out in the middle of nowhere. Who is going to take their kid out of town and into an industrial area to play in a park when there are plenty that are much closer and in more logical locations? It was all very odd but I liked it. Fall is also setting into Fukuchiyama quite rapidly and the trees are changing and the sweet smelling of fallen leaves is filling the air. This makes me happy.

Halloween was pretty lame. No trick-or-treaters, no real pumpkins to carve, nobody in costume. This is probably the first Halloween in my life that has come and gone with very little fanfare. Oh well, maybe there will be more to do next year.

Anywho, thats pretty much the ballgame. Tomorrow, I will show off my new computer and you can all ohh and awe over its cuteness and size. You will see. :) Talk to you all later!


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