Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween

Since I live in the future, today is Halloween for me. I am underwhelmed to say the least. No pumpkins, no trick-or-treaters, no scary shows on TV, nada. This kind of sucks so later on, I may have a slasher movie marathon...alone...lame.

This is so I can say I at least carved a pumpkin in spirit:

The Halloween party the other night was fun. It was in a very private bar and there were only 15 of us. Myself and one other guy were the token white guys of the party. There was a guy dressed up like a Cosplay Maid and I have to say, he maid the best female that was not a female I have ever seen. I am sad to say, he was actually kind of cute. I feel bad for him though because he is in the Japanese Navy and trapped on a boat with a couple hundred guys and is probably the most feminine looking man I have ever seen. For some reason the Village People come to mind...

Maya had a nurse costume that she looked hot in and they found me a goofy samurai outfit to where. Actually, it was the only costume they had that could fit me. I tried on one other costume and everyone decided the moment I flexed, the costume would be ripped. So for the night, I became Super Gaijin Samurai. I was also called Python by a couple of guys all night because of my arms. The upside to being a bigger guy here is that people assume its at least partly muscle. I can play along with that. There are times where having a big frame comes in handy.

We played some games throughout the evening and one of them was trivia. Even a language barrier cannot stop a trivia god like me. What vitamin do you get from the sun? D. What is the only Asian country never to have been a colony of a European empire? Thailand. I rule...so long as I have a translator.

Anywho, the party ended and Maya gave me a ride home. We talked again about relationship stuff and I have pretty much found out where I stand now, which is to say I am still not sure. She is now not looking for a boyfriend but not planning on getting one in Italy either. I told her is she ever decides she wants one, she has my number. So we will probably stay in the "hang out whenever" boat and it probably won't go anywhere, which makes me feel like its basically a waste of my time. But she is at least someone to do something with and there is something to be said for that.

Tomorrow I go to my two day meeting so I probably won't have another post for a little bit. The meetings will be fun and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. It will give me a chance to get out of town for a bit and I need that. I have been trying to save money but that means not taking any day trips to Kyoto or Osaka. And since there isn't anything to do here, it means I stay in my house and do nothing for the most part. Boring.

I am sorry this post is kind of a drag, especially on Halloween but I am not that peppy at the moment. I miss Halloween in the United States and that sucks because its my second most favorite holiday of the year behind Christmas and just barely ahead of Thanksgiving. I don't so much miss the holiday itself, more what I used to do with people around this holiday, carving pumpkins, watching movies, etc. Oh well, the next couple of days will be nice.


At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy belated Halloween, future-boy!

I'm sorry things aren't quite working out the way you had hoped with Maya. =\ That sucks. You have a fanclub and we were all routing for ya. Still are.

Moving onward, is there a Japanese version of Thanksgiving?

At 1:43 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

No. Thanksgiving does not exist here in any form. Had the pilgrims landed on Japan and not North America, they would have been promptly beheaded or possibly crucified.

Be thankful the pilgrims landed where they did. :)

At 1:22 AM, Blogger Simple Sanctuary said...

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At 1:23 AM, Blogger Simple Sanctuary said...

Where I was it wasn't much of a Halloween either. It was snowing too much and it got too cold. I only got around six or seven groups at my door.

I then gave up on everyone turned my lights off and played horror games till the sun rose. That was the only thrill I found.



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