Friday, October 13, 2006

On More Solid Ground

Maya came over again today! It wasn't for very long because she had to teach class but she did stop by. After her visit, I think I am definitely on a less flimsy plane of existance relationship-wise.

As I was making her a music cd, I asked her if it would be okay I if actually took her on a real date at some point, to which, she said okay. I am going to take her to her favorite restaurant and then maybe bowling. I am not a horrible fan of bowling but I haven't done it in a while so we will see. Either way, I at least know now that she likes me.

Also on the agenda, there is now a Halloween party that she is taking me to. YAY!

I am happier with where this is all heading and I am less nervous today. She seems very at ease around me and thats cool. I told her she was cute and she hid her head under her jacket for a minute. She is a tad shy but to me, that makes her more attractive for some reason. All in all, Maya has filled out the "Mogwai's What To Look For In A Woman" checklist quite well and I feel more at ease with things now than I have in a while. It would be so cool to be happy with all of the aspects in my life for once.

I will chill out tonight a contented man.


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