Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Bike War Escalates

After a couple of uneventful days, I returned to my train station last night to find one of my break cables broken and both tires flattened. Neither of them should be too hard to fix but what gets me is that they took the air valves out of my tires so I can't re-inflate them. At least when I flattened his tires, I was gentleman enough to leave his valves, what he did was just cold.

Today, I am walking to the station because I can't find any old valves that fit my bike. The dude better not have ridden his bike today or else I know some that will fit just fine. {grins menacingly}


At 7:30 AM, Blogger jakesmom said...

Hey Tyson,

sorry things are going so badly for you with the bike. What a bummer that people tend to get a kick out of destroying other people's property for fun.

Hey, thanks so much for the Japanese candy for Grace! She actually liked it and loved the animals pictures on the packages! That was fun. Very nice of you to think of her when you sent Jake's stuff to Heather.

We miss having you around! Hope to see you when you get home again!

Take care and enjoy yourself!



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