Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tokyo Weekend

Its finally here!

Tomorrow morning I will take the train into Kyoto and then get on the Nozomi bound for Tokyo. The cool part is that the entire trip will take four hours. It takes two hours for me to go to Kyoto and in the same amount of time, I will go from Kyoto to Tokyo. That Nozomi hauls ass. I will take pics of it for people to see because the train seriously looks like a jet on rails.

On Saturday, I will go to TGS, again taking lots of pictures and letting everyone know how the new games are looking. I am hoping I get to try out the Wii, that is my big goal for that part of the trip. I will also hit up Akihabara and also Shinjuku. In all of the trips that I have taken to Tokyo, I have never been to Shinjuku so this time I am going. I am so excited right now, I am just glad not to be teaching for a few days and relaxing in a really nice hotel as well. It will also be nice to see Tokyo at my own pace and go where and when I want to go.

Anywho, not a lot else to report, I may have internet in my hotel and if I do I will probably post again tomorrow or Saturday! Have a good weekend!


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Just Some Gal said...

Have a safe trip but a really fun trip!


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