Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nice Ride

Today was a pretty nice day. The weather was that weird calm kind of weather before it rains; it was warm and there wasn't a single gust of wind to be found. So, I went for a bike ride.

Each time I go for an actual ride, I tend to stray further and further from home. Today's ride almost found me coasting into the next town over from my own. I found out that my own city stretches out much further than I thought and went into several stores I had never seen before. Overall, it was a pleasant day of exploration. I think I enjoyed it so much because everything was so quiet and time seemed to be moving so slowly. Nishiki-san also performed quite well, having never been on that long of a ride before.

I also had a brief bout of homesickness as I rode past a field that was being burned. It smelled a lot like I know Boise is smelling like right now and I used to love that smell this time of year when I lived there. I do not get homesick often so that was different for me. I miss stuff from Boise but I usually don't get really homesick. I have come to the conclusion that had I lived two or three hundred years ago, I would have been an explorer or pioneer. To me, discovering new places and things is much more emotional and fufilling than missing places I have already been. I think its easy for me to travel because I never get really connected to wherever I am living at the time. My apartment is "home" but that is because I sleep there at night, it doesn't really feel like my home though. Even my old house that I used to own never really felt like home, I could never get comfortable and feel at ease in it. That could have been for a few different reasons but it struck me today that I haven't felt at home in a specific place in a very long time. In fact the last time I really felt at home was in Phyrry's old house. I am not sure why but I could get so comfortable there and its not like I went there a ton, odd.

Anywho, I had a nice ride and then stopped by McDonalds to get a dinner that wasn't very good. Tonight was the first time I have had McDonalds in weeks and its almost like I do not even have a taste for it anymore. Thats creepy because I used to love that place. It doesn't help though that I went to the McDonalds where everyone is kind of rude to me. My town has three McDonalds, one is super friendly, one is neutral, and one is filled with jerks that pretend to not understand me even though I know I am speaking perfect Japanese for ordering food. When people pretend not to understand me and I know I am speaking correctly, it pisses me off because its not often that I am sure I am speaking correctly so when I do, I like the interaction with the other party to go off without a hitch. That never happens at this McDonalds, ever. And to top it off, they talk about me when they don't think I can hear them and I know they don't think I can understand them so they say some not very nice things sometimes. Grrr....and the whole thing that triggered that tonight was because initially, I said the word "large" like I would say it to an American and not like the Japanese pronounce it.

All in all though, today was a nice relaxing day, despite the McJerkoffs.


At 5:50 AM, Anonymous CypherXero said...

You should pretend like you can't speak Japanese, and let them talk about you and say mean things. THEN, tell them (in Japanese) that you were just fucking with them, and you understand everything they just said. And them call them a fucking idiot. LOL

That's what I'd do.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

I have done that a couple of times with kind of funny results. :) Most of the time, I will just let them have their conversation and then after a while I inject little bits here and there, they get the idea.

The kicker is that I understand the language better than I can speak it and so sometimes even when I know what people are saying, I have a hard time answering them.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

People being rude is a real good way to ruin things you used to love.... yeah, I been there.

Why do people gotta be such assholes, Ty? Why?


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