Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Pic Site is Updated

Just a note to let everyone know that I have updated the site dedicated to all of my pictures I have taken. In this update, you can see pics of Kobe, Himeji Castle, Akihabara, and Shibuya. I have pretty much finished sorting all of my pictures so expect even more updates to my Multiply site in the upcoming days.


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Peltzer said...

Amazing pics, Mog. I love the castle. Shooting over a few more q's your way as my interview nears:

1) Interview attire? You thing a suit is pushing it or something more laid back? I'm usually a dress pants and sweater kind of guy.

2) Flights. Wowsers! So, been looking at flights from Canada to Nagoya and cannot find anything that isn't lower then $1,500. This sound about right to you for a one way trip? Seems somewhat high.

3) I know PKC doesn't place you for sure exactly where you wish to be but if you had your choice of PKC teaching areas what would you say I would be good requests? Best places? Places I should avoid?

4) When you got your application package did it come with a pre-written letter to send off regarding your interest in working in Japan? Did you alter this in any way with your own words or just stick to what PKC wrote?

As always thanks.

At 3:36 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...


Interview Attire: I wore slacks and a shirt and tie. Slacks and a sweater would probably be fine but keep in mind the PKC dress code is a shirt and a tie for dress-up occassions. Sweaters don't work so well as the Japanese have a slightly different view of what formal wear is. You may look good in a sweater and the outfit may look professional but a shirt and tie is what passes as professional business attire here. So having said that, wear a shirt and a tie. :)

As for flights, they suck. I think my one way ticket was about that much as well. You are kind of coming during the time when it all starts to ramp up for the holidays. I did the same thing.

If I were going to request a specific location there are a couple places that I would opt for. First, would be Kyoto. Kyoto really has everything, history, good shopping, its close to the countryside so if you wanted to hike or whatnot you can. Kyoto is an all round nice city. Next would be Kobe. Kobe is just a nice place next to the ocean. Its sunny, people are friendly, and there is plenty to do. Its the closest to Southern California, weatherwise and oceanwise as you are going to get without going to Kyushu. I have also heard that Sapporo is a great place to live but I have never visited so I couldn't tell you first hand. I do know that that place gets a TON of snow in the winter and it gets chilly due to its Northern location. If you liked that castle, its in Himeji and that is a pretty cool city. One perk to there is the fact you would be in my teaching group, something many people would pay money for. :)

As for the welcome package, yes, it comes with a letter, and no, I didn't alter it at all that I remember. Its not like people are going to grade you on writing skill, its just a letter to the government for your visa. I wouldn't change it because no one important is going to be reading it other than some low level bureaucrat that puts a stamp or whatever on it.

Again, I hope all of this helps and do not be afraid to ask more. I think once you get accepted, I will be able to be more helpful because I can give you a few tips on packing and what to bring. Take care!

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Peltzer said...

Wel, I will be dusting off the old dress shirt to take on down to Toronto. I had planed to do as much but when I started reading about how laid back Peppy's can be I did not want to over dress. I need to take those passport sized photos this week as well and, with what you have said, will also dress up for them.

The flight thing is a touch daunting. If I were to be accepted (and your confidance in such is certainly welcome. Thank you. :)) I think I would be coming down in March, at the latest. I figure I need to give time for the Visa to clear (and, bear in mind, it is a touch iffy that it might due to the fact that I have no degree but only two diplomas. Peppy's, however, says this is just fine and people are accepted with such all the time) and, also, time to sell various items here. Upon my return I plan on moving out to Vancouver so I don't want to cart furniture across the country. Also gives me time to say my goodbyes and such and raise a bit more funds.

I will request the areas your suggested. What, exactly, is your district called again?

Thanks again and, oh yes, keep that new bike safe. :)


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

I technically teach in the Himeji group but I live in the Kyoto area. Its odd because Kyoto and Osaka have expansive suburbs; I live two hours from both and am considered in a suburb of both.

If you are interviewing in the next little while and don't want to come until March, you may be pressured to come earlier depending on how many people are rolling over with the company with the start of the new year. Robin is nice but I think she has a quota to fill and you can kind of tell. For one reason or another, this company is very needy for people. I don't know how your delay in coming to Japan would affect your hireability but its something you may want to keep in mind. Again, I am just guessing there so take it with a grain of salt. You could also ask her if it affects your chances and she will probably give it to you straight if she thinks it may detract. She was pretty up front with that kind of stuff when I interviewed.

But, I wouldn't worry too much. As I said, they are needy for people. :)


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