Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Its Getting Colder

Yay, that means Fall is almost here. Its about time too, I am getting sick of Summer and long for my favorite time of the year. Fall also means that all of my favorite TV shows are getting ready to serve themselves up for my downloading pleasure.

Not a ton has gone on this week so far. I am trying to save for Tokyo next week so I have been doing Jack and Squat other than teaching. Speaking of which, my kids have been nutty lately and I am not sure why. They just started back to school from their Summer break and that could be part of it and in the class I am in this week, we changed locations and this class is much bigger than the older one and that could also contribute to behavior issues. My kids are basically ignoring me until I get mad and raise my voice enough for them to get the idea they should stop goofing off. I have been having to yell more lately and that irritates me. Oh well, maybe they will calm down soon.

I ran into Maya today. She actually stopped by my classroom to get supplies for her own which is kind of odd because her class is in another district. Either way, she says we are still on for Monday so thats cool.

Speaking of cool, I sent my favorite non-related grandmother a little goody box today. I am referring to Old Grandma Hardcore here, she rocks and deserves Japanese candies and a little accessory for her DS Lite for being such a badass and smoking the other grandparents at Grandparents' Day at Nintendo World in New York. Congrats again, Grandma!

Anywho, just thought I should post something to prove I am still amongst the living. I am so excited for Fall to get here, I love the change it brings and the weather too. Today was the first day in months that I wore my hoody to keep warm. Yay for the Fall!


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