Thursday, August 24, 2006

Very Cool Song That I Translated

One of my Japanese teachers needed help translating a song for her sister. She had made two attempts at it but it still didn't sound right to her and she thought it sounded too much like she looked all of the words up in a dictionary or translator. Anywho, once I took a crack at it, I found that I really liked these lyrics and I thought I would share my translation of the song because I really like its meaning.

Here it is:

We can never meet during the winter, when the powder snow falls.

We look up at the sky, feeling the same wind,
Shivering in the same cold.

I may not know everything about you,
But out of a billion people I have found you.

I am not sure why but I know you are the one.

Hey powder snow, if you could color my heart white,
She and I could share our loneliness.

(Its impossible for us to spend time together, without a bit of our pleasure and our sorrow surrounding us.)

I just want to try to listen to your deepest emotions where,
I can hear your voice, I'll plummet down to hear your voice.

Thats me scratching the surface to understand you,
I held your freezing hand to feel your warmth.

There is something about the Fall and Winter seasons that I find very romantic and enchanting. If I have my way, next time around I would like to be married during those months. Those lyrics kind of capture all of my feelings about love and that time of year. Next time we meet, Mari is going to bring me the original song and I am looking forward to hearing it, she really liked my translation so I must have at least captured the general feeling of the song. Anywho, if anyone is looking to seduce me, lyrics like that are a good start. :)


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