Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Seven Missiles In One Day

Ahh, that nutty little Kim Jong Ill is at it again. A week or so ago when I posted about all of the stuff about North Korea's missle testing possibilities all came to fruition yesterday and in a big way.

Early this morning, North Korea fire six missiles. Five of these missiles were short range rockets that landed in the Sea of Japan and the sixth was the longer range prototype that in theory, had the capability to hit Alaska. The key to a missile hitting the United States is that it has to keep from blowing up forty seconds after launch. So far, North Korea hasn't figured that out. Which in a way is too bad, I wanted to see if the US would test out one of its interceptor missiles on it. You see, the government has been developing interceptor missiles for quite some time; you may remember the Patriot batteries that we deployed during the first Gulf War. What we have now is much more theory. I am kind of a nut about this stuff and so I follow it, but for those who don't, the modern United States anti-missile missiles only have had about a .500 batting average in testing. This is pretty good for a baseball player but when you consider that the government is toting this missile defense shield and it only works half the time under perfect conditions, I was hoping for a real world demonstration. There would be pressure if a real world firing occurred because the United States would look foolish if a missile was fired and missed its target, which it could very possibly do.

Anywho, that was all fun and good and it got the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean governments riled up. Then North Korea must have figured and rightly so, "Why not fire another one for fun, they are already mad at us." Hence, the firing of a seventh short range missile. You have to hand it to the crazy dictatorship of that country, not many people get the United States government as on edge as they do. But, I think it will come with consequences this time.

It may not happen tomorrow or even a month or two from now, but one day, Kim Jong Ill is going to wake up to a set of cruise missles blowing up all of his missile and nuclear facilities. We are spread too thin now to make any meaningful and lasting change in that country and to attempt it now would not bode well for America. We have too much on our plate as it is. But one day, the time will come and when it does, Kim Jong Ill will probably wish he hadn't pissed off certain countries like China. But hey, that just my two yen.

I will update if anything else happens but everything I have said on here is old new by now. Anywho, time for me to get some sleep.


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