Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Sea of Green

Here is another rice paddy update! It is crazy to see how much the little sprouts have shot up. Soon, I will probably be able to see the grains forming. I think that will be a few weeks away but its definitely getting to be about the time to see some actual rice.

It was kind of cool to be able to go to the paddies today because it was just about to rain and everything was very calm. There was an old lady tending to her garden that talked to me cheerfully...I think...and it was just calming to see these waves of green below a murky gray sky. As I approached the paddy that I have adopted as mine, a couple of very small frogs hopped to safety; the tadpoles I saw earlier are all grown up now.

Shortly after I took these pics, the rain began and has not stopped since. Right now, its pouring and I hope it does not affect my train ride tomorrow into Himeji. I am subbing for another class and I will be staying in the illustrious Sun Route Hotel once again. I do like that hotel. On Tuesday, I have an office day and so I am doing the right thing and going into Osaka for my last day of freedom before summer school hits. Evidently, I festival started in Osaka today and on Tuesday, I will be able to see the last day of it. I will try to take pictures. There may be fireworks but I will probably have to leave before then. As it turns out, this festival is the highlight of summer in Osaka and most of it takes place on the river. Think Boise River Festival, only 1000 years older. Oh yeah, the name of the festival is Tenjin Matsuri.

Well, I do not have a ton more to add to this post so I am going to end it. I will post my festival findings when I get home Tuesday night. Later!


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