Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rain Day

I have always liked rain and today, the rain returned the affection.

I went to the train station to jump a ride to a town I teach in called Toyooka. Of all fo the places I teach, Toyooka as a whole is my least favorite place. The kids are okay but not great and the city itself has no real draw for me. Oh yeah, to teach there I have to take the train an hour and a half each way. Not a bad ride but doing the same route eight times in a row gets tedious.

Anywho, I went to the station and for the first time, there were no train times being displayed on the schedule boards. All inbound and outbound traffic had been cancelled in the direction I was heading. In fact, almost all of the trains were cancelled with only a few exceptions that they were announcing on the intercom.

The reason for the traffic shutdown was my friend, rain. Last night, it rained crazily for about seven hours nonstop. This was enough precipitation to flood various parts of the countryside and cause standing water on the rails and in parts, submerging them. Therefore, the railroads decided to play it safe and put almost all traffic in the area on hold until the water dries up a bit.

Hopefully, the rain will have me stuck again tomorrow but I doubt it. It was actually really nice today and did not rain at all during the daytime. The best part, I got paid for the day because the reason for cancelling the classes was beyond my control. I do love the rain.


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