Monday, July 03, 2006

Paddy Pics: Part 3

Ok, I know the title sounds like a bad porno but I am running out of titles for my rice paddy observation series. As I said earlier, I am sorry about the delay in pictures but with my family here, today has been my first real free day since their arrival. They are in Hiroshima today and I opted to stay home and let them roam free. When I go to Hiroshima, I want to do it on my own time and be able to take the whole experience in without having to worry about whether my family is enjoying it or not. That and I have to teach class tomorrow and I would not have been able to make it back to town in time.

Anywho, as you will see in the pictures, rice grows quickly. In the three weeks since my last rice post, these buggers have grown like crazy.

And there are the rice pics!

Other than that, I have done so much stuff this past week, I do not know where to start talking. Upon returning from Hiroshima, there really isn't a ton of major stuff left for my fam to see. We have been to Himeji castle, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and a bunch of places in between. They have seen the nightlife in Shibuya, the restless nerdiness of Akihabara, nearly driven to hearring loss by Pachinko parlors, everything. As far as making sure they have seen it all, I think I have done a pretty good job and I think they have enjoyed it all for the most part. If anything, they have visited a place that they are not likely to see again and they have seen more of it in two weeks than most Japanese people do in several years. I consider my mission complete.

Having my family here has been an experience for me as well. Going from a lifestyle that includes an abundance of alone time and quiet time to a situation that is anything but solitary or quiet is odd. On the other hand, I now have a handful of new ideas for how to decorate my apartment. I am not much of an interior decorator unless you like extreme minimalism. I am not a fan of having stuff on walls. I do not like picture frames clogging my vision. I just like empty. The funny part about that is usually I find junk to sit on or stuff into my empty spaces. Anwyho, I am going to try to spruce my place up a bit and maybe hang some of the pictures I have taken. I do like black and white photography and I have a few pics that I really enjoy so I may have them blown up and framed. I am also going to try to move some furniture around and see if I can't come up with a living environment that is a tad more lively and hip. We'll see how that all goes. My biggest problem with this apartment is how quickly space vanishes around here. This is in part, due to the size of the place but I am partially to blame too. I am going to try to get better at putting stuff away and being mindful of how others might see my apartment. As I said, we will see how this all goes.

Right now, I have a lot of stuff I could type but I really do not feel like doing so. Perhaps, tomorrow or this weekend I will post a lot of pics and update the pic site I have as well. I am starting to realize that I really enjoy photography and I tend to shoot a ton of pictures when I have my camera out. Anywho, thats all for now and I will add more later. See ya!


At 11:05 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Paddy pics was a perfect portrait of pretty plants patiently plowing, plucking and pimping their way to the park placed perilously up in the sky.

:) Hi.

I very much enjoy the Rice Paddy series. Keep it up! I'm gonna go back and re-read your previous posts about 'em now.

Will you be uploading the e-gads of pictures you're taking with your family there? I noticed your pictures page hasn't been updated in a while. *tsk tsk*


Catch ya later,



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