Thursday, July 13, 2006

Business Trips Galore

I figured I should probably let everyone know that I am going to be out of town a bit this weekend and that I may not get to post again until Sunday.

Tomorrow, I am going to a school several hours away to substitute for a teacher that is on vacation and they are putting me up in a hotel nearby for a night. The following day, I take the train back to one of my regular schools and teach there for the day and then return back home. On Monday, I have a big meeting in Himeji and they are having me stay there for a couple of days because I am also subbing for a class of three and four year olds there. That should be fun, the tiny kids are usually the most fun to teach and hang out with for a bit.

Tuesday, stuff gets back to normal for a little while and then the week after that, summer school kicks into gear and I am going to be crazy busy for eight days. Once summer school finishes up, the rest of the year should be relatively normal and straightforward. I know that summer isn't even half over yet, but I am so sick of this humidity that I want fall to get here. That and fall is the best time of year on the whole calendar. That is one reason I am stoked to be probably going to Tokyo in September is that the weather should be very nice and I should be able to get around there without drenching myself in sweat like I do now if I so much as get up. Y'all in Idaho have absolutely no clue what humidity is.

Anywho, not much else going on. I randomly stumbled onto a new blog that I read everyday and I actually talk to its author pretty much everyday now as well. Her name is Blondie and if you would like to take a look at her site, you will find the link in the sidebar on the right. She's pretty funny and cool and she updates her site more than me I think.

So I will talk to everyone later and I will definitely post another rice paddy post on Sunday.


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