Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bad Mood

Today was kind if a waste and I am kind of pissed. I went into Osaka expecting to find a party atmosphere and parades and fireworks. Instead, I found squat. No parade, no fireworks, nothing. For being the third biggest festival in Japan, I expected to see more information pointing people in the right direction and whatnot. Nothing.

I do know that today was indeed the big festival day, however. I have never seen so many women wearing kimono. It was like Japan was dangling carrots in front of me(some very very nice looking carrots) but not giving me the actual festival. You can take that to mean whatever you want, it works however you approach it.

So basically, I tooled around Osaka, saw countless extremely good looking women, and came home. If this has taught me anything, its the need to plan and find out where this stuff takes place ahead of time and then go there. The lack of information really peeves me though. Couple that with the fact that of all of the Japanese people I asked, all of whom have lived within two hours of Osaka their whole lives, have never been to it and did not know where the festivities were located either. I've said it before but a lot of these people really don't get out a lot.

Summer school starts tomorrow and in some ways I am excited but in others I dread it. I think everything will be cool once I start teaching. That tends to be the way it works, I freak out before I teach and then once I start, I rock. It sounds cocky but there are a few things in life that I think I was put here to do and teaching is one of them. I do not know another way to explain it, for all of the doubts I have had about doing it for the rest of my life in the past, it is one thing that I think I am genuinely good at and now, I can't imagine doing otherwise...for the most part. There are still I few jobs I would take over it but not many. Actually, there are only three jobs I would take in place of teaching. Being a paid historian/archivist, a video game designer, or a travel writer/journalist would trump teaching. I would also seriously consider working as a professional antique appraiser for an auction house if the money was right and the work was steady.

Anywho, that got off-topic. :) I don't have a ton more to say and most of the rest that I could say would be negative and I don't feel like typing it because I know when I wake up in the morning I will feel better. Nite!


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