Friday, July 07, 2006

And They're Off

I am once more left to my own devices, as my family left Fukuchiyama a little before 10am, to begin their trip back to the United States.

While they were here only two weeks, they travelled more of Japan than most Japanese see in several years. From Peace Park in Hiroshima to the nightlife of Shibuya in Tokyo, they pretty much saw all of the major sites Japan has to offer. While they were not fans of sleeping on my hardwood floor and finding food my dad and brother liked was sometimes a tad trying, I think all in all, they had a good time. I also enjoyed having them here; it was good to see them and talk to them again.

I must say though, I do not envy what is in store for them when they reach Boise. While in Japan, their house sold and the bid they put in on their new house was accepted. My cousin has been watching my family's dogs and has been in charge of dealing with home inspectors and repairmen coming and going from the house and has done a wonderful job packing up my family's belongings from what I hear but, my family has to be out of their old house by this coming weekend. They are going to be busy. The trade off is that when everything is said and done, they will have a swimming pool to relax in. I confess, that makes me jealous. Thanks to my tattoos, I have not been swimming in seven months. Damned anti-ink rules.

Anywho, it was good to see all of them again but I must say, I like having my place to myself again. It seems much bigger now that its just me in here. :) I am starting the apartment renewal project today and after popping a small shelf into my bathroom, that area looks more organized than before, now its the closet's turn.

I leave you all with what I think was the nicest picture to come from my family's visit, all of us standing in a courtyard with Himeji castle looming behind us.


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