Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To Tokyo By Train

In a tad more than eight hours, I will be jumping a train to Tokyo with the fam. I am looking forward to the trip because we will be stopping in Takaoka to eat lunch with Reid and Karie and then jumping a shinkansen to Tokyo. The trains we will be riding into Tokyo on are supposed to be pretty speedy and I am anxious to see what they look like. Having said that, I really should do an entry on trains around here so you all can get a look at a few of them. Many of the upper-class trains really do look like jets on rails. I will make a post on that soon.

As you can see, no rice paddy update. I think I will just wait until this next Sunday to do it because I am not sure when I will get around to taking pics around here before then. Sorry, my family keeps me busy.

On that note, we went to Himeji today to see the castle. I do love that place; if you are in the neighborhood, you really should stop at Himeji Castle and take a look. The place rocks.

Not much else to report, babysitting my family is pretty much a full time job. I like doing it for them and I enjoy being able to have them here but man, translating for and keeping track of them can be a chore. I did not imagine doing this stuff could be so tiring but right now I am in the position of being a live in tour guide for them. In Tokyo, I think I am going to try to escape for a bit and do my own thing but I am not sure where I will find the time to do that. If I cannot, I am going back in September probably anyways. Only then, I think I will be by myself and I will be able to see everything at my own pace, including TGS, the Tokyo Game Show. If you play video games and know about a convention called E3, the Tokyo Game Show is the Japanese equivalent and I will have a couple of extra vacation days to burn that I can't roll over so, I figured I would attend. I am looking forward to that.

Then after September comes Christmas. While I am not certain as to what I will be doing then, I think I am going to go somewhere. We shall see, I have a few ideas.

Yesterday, we all ventured to Kobe and that was fun. I like that town! I ate a Kobe steak and must say, while they are very tender, they are not worth the price tag some places put on them. My steak was about $16 and that was a fair price for the meal. It was a good lunch but it was not the $65 good that some restaurants are asking. Kobe is like a mix of the Bay Area and Seattle, the city is very lively and unique. I am definitely heading back there to explore by myself at some point before the end of summer.

Lastly, I am pleased because I found out that there is indeed a gym in my town and, while it may not be Gold's, it should be good enough. The best part is that it is only two or three bucks a session. If I go three or maybe four times a week, it will be the equivalent of what I would be paying for a gym membership anyway. I have been wanting to get back into lifting since I had to quit when I came here and now it looks like I will be able to. A lot of bulk in my arms stuck around after I quit lifting and I don't think it will be too hard to get the rest of it back. The nice part is that while I am here, I really don't have much to focus on other than myself so this will be a great time to go nuts on my body without blowing a couple grand like I did last time and then having to ditch out. Lifting will also do me good because I get a strong dose of cardio almost everyday to balance out the muscle workouts. There is hope to get even more out of my body yet. :)

Anywho, if I post tomorrow, it will be from Tokyo. If I do not post, you at least know where I am.


At 10:01 PM, Anonymous phear said...

Mogwai: Did you get your tickets?
Phear: What tickets?
Mogwai: (Pointing at rip biseps) To the gun show!

Mogwai: Do you have a band aid?
Phear: Sure let me go get it.
Mogwai: (Pointing at rip biseps) Cause I'm Cut!


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