Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ready For Launch


Well, I just went to CNN's website and they are saying that North Korea has fueled and prepped the missle and it is pretty much ready to launch. They also say that at this point, it would be pretty unlikely to scrap the launch do to the difficulty of extracting the fuel from the missle and if the weapon were to sit fueled for more than 48 hours without launching, the fuel would actually start to damage the missle itself.

I am heading out now to go to my local electronics store to see if they have anything about it on television and see if I can gauge what everyone else thinks about the situation. The way I figure, either the World Cup is going to be playing and no one will really care about the missle launch or everyone is going to be huddled around the televisions waiting to see if North Korea does something stupid.

I will post again once I return. I feel like a news correspondent. :)

UPDATE: Still no launching of the missle and Japanese news is not being very helpful. If anything happens I will post about it.


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Tonys Mom said...

Oh the USA is watching North Korea very carefully. It makes me a little nervous! Have a great time with your family. One of the waitresses at the Twin Dragon says she misses you coming in. I told her to catch your site.


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