Monday, June 19, 2006

No Launch Yet

As it stands now, the whole North Korean test launch that was supposed to happen yesterday looks like its either not happening or not happening soon. Much of the fervor that surrounded this event yesterday seems to have died down quite a bit.

Japan is now saying that it would not take a missle coming down in its territory as an attack. The government now says it would just not be very happy about it. It also said that there would be severe consequences is such an test launch occurred. By severe consequences, they mean going to the UN and asking the security counsel to debate the issue. Wow, those are stiff consequences...NOT. We all know nothing ever gets done in the UN, so basically, Japan would pigeon hole the problem until it got worse.

The way news agencies have covered the story kind of annoys me because none of them can seem to get their facts straight. Depending on the site you go to, they either say that the missle that North Korea is testing could hit the United States, causing people to panic and boosting site views or the tell it like it should be told and that is the fact that the missle could only hit parts of Alaska and Guam. While Alaska is part of the United States and Guam is a protectorate of the US, the people in the lower forty-eight have nothing to fear from this missle. The sites that do not mention this are fear mongering in my opinion and that drives me nuts.

Something else that seemed misrepresented was the payload that the missle could carry. In all of the articles I have read in the past few days, most agree that the missle is not capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The missle could easier carry a biological or chemical payload but not a nuke or at least not a nuke that could hit the United States. I am not sure why this is but that is what the articles have said. Places like Digg had articles that told people that the missle was capable of carrying a nuclear payload to the United States and that seems untrue. Then again, Digg should most definitely not be considered an official new source for anything. Half the time, I think the site and the articles submitted are run and written by fifteen year olds. Anywho, not the point.

People are now saying they are unsure that the missles were ever fueled as well. This is something that everyone said happened yesterday but now that looks like it may not be true. All in all, the news reporting of this event has been somewhat scrambled. But there is one thing all of this did achieve, Kim Jong Ill got what he wanted, attention.

If the North Korean government does not fire this missle, I will be more ticked off than if they did. If they don't fire it just shows that little, crazy, Kim Jong Ill realized the United States was not paying attention to him at the moment and he wanted to steal some of the spotlight from Iran. Of all of the stupid governments in the world, North Korea has to be in at least the top three. How many countries can you think of that actually want the United States military to pay attention to them? Now add into the equation the fact that North Korea knows the US does not like them. Kim Jong Ill is truly unstable and is acting in this instance, like a five year old who thinks its siblings are getting more attention than they are. And people wonder how I could support government sponsored political assassinations sometimes.

Anywho, that is my little missle crisis of the past couple of days. On an odd note, Japanese television was not even reporting on it when I was watching yesterday. I monitored two Japanese news programs and North Korea was not even brought up. Its odd sometimes what Japan decides is news and what isn't. Then again, the same could be said about any country probably.


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Great Grandma. Even when someone lives a long life it still sucks to see 'em go.

Switching gears...
Hurrah for weapons that destroy en masse.

Or not.

It will be interesting to find out 50 years from now (if we're lucky/unlucky enough to still be alive) and when it's all de-classified, what is actually going on behind the scenes right now...

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

It really frustrated me that the day after, there was almost no mention of it in the news. The media was all, "Hey, North Korea has bombs!!1! oh look, Britney -- "



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