Thursday, June 15, 2006

Curry Ramen Recipe: This Is For You, Tony

Warning: I have never actually made this for myself. I go to one little stall in a town I teach in, put money in the machine, and take the ticket it spits out at me to the counter. They do the rest.

Having said that, I have a pretty good idea how to make it and its pretty easy.

First, make your curry. I would probably opt for a pork cutlet for the meat but chicken would work too. Keep in mind, this is going into a ramen dish so dice veggies and meat pretty small. When cubing carrots and potatoes, I would say anything over a half inch in diameter is too big. At least, this is the way that it all looks when its served to me. I know that most of you curry makers out there like chunky, good sized portions of meat and veggies. The Japanese think the exact opposite. Cut everything small. If it helps, remind yourself that this is a soup dish, not a true curry dish.

The curry that is used in this case is pretty much carrot, meat, and potato. There is onion in there too but not as much as I usually use when making curry.

Okay, now you have made your curry. Pat yourself on the back, the hard part is done.

Now, get your ramen. I would go with either pork or chicken ramen, depending on what meat you used in your curry. Cook your ramen. If you do not know how to complete this step, boil water and then once the water has hit a good rolling boil, pour it on yourself.....err....I mean, put your ramen in. Then add your flavor packet.

Okay, ramen is done, curry is done. Get yourself a bowl, pour your ramen, liquid and all, into aforementioned bowl. Get yourself a ladle and pop a glob of your curry into the ramen. How much curry, I will leave to you but remember, this is supposed to be curry flavored ramen not ramen flavored curry.

Lastly, sprinkle a little bit of chopped green onion over the dish for flavor and grab your chopsticks. Its time to swirl the mixture up and eat.

In Japan, the dish is also served with a little pink and white cracker thing that floats in the bowl that is made of ground fish. It has the texture of tofu and tastes kind of like fish (bet ya didn't see that coming). Anywho, I am not a huge fan of them and you will probably have a hard time finding them outside of Asia so I would mark said cracker as an optional accessory to the dish.

They also serve udon the same way here so, if you want to use udon instead of ramen, you would still probably be in for a half decent meal. Hope the recipe works for you and if you try it, let me know how it went. I pretty much just made all of this up just now but it will probably be pretty close to what I get here. Enjoy!


At 12:00 AM, Blogger Maharet said...

mmmm curry i goooood. :)

At 3:17 AM, Anonymous tony said...

I'll totally try this out on Sunday.

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Tonys Mom said...

Could the pink and white cracker be fake crab meat?


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