Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back To The Paddy

Two weeks ago, I posted my initial findings on the rice paddy that I am going to observe over the course of the summer. The little sprouts were pretty sickly looking and limp. Each sprout only had a few leaves and they looked as if a strong wind could probably uproot the fledgling plants. Two weeks later, I am happy to say that they are thriving and you can actually see a change in them.

Here is the close up shot:

Here is the whole paddy:

You can definitely see a difference if you glance back at the other post. It is kind of cool to see that they have changed so much in two weeks. I think the farmer has also been working the paddy a tad because there are to tracks going through the sprouts now. Either way, there is a definitive change in the field.

The other thing I noticed during my visit was the crazy amount of frogs and tadpoles that now live in my paddy. The frogs I saw were pretty small tree frogs but the tadpoles that were swimming about were huge. I think they are bullfrog tadpoles because they are almost as big as the tree frogs I saw. At night time, if I am visiting a train station in the town of Tanikawa, the frogs are so loud that you actually have to almost yell into your cell phone in order to be heard by the person your talking to. The downside to the frogs is that they are there for a reason. Yes, it is wet but there is also an abundant source of food, bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Ugh. Anywho, here is another pic of a little guy that I think I was scaring the daylights out of while I was taking my pictures. Can you find him?

More rice paddy pics in two weeks!


At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Tony's Mom said...

rice paddy 101 was great, but, I cna't see the frog.

At 3:01 AM, Blogger Mogwai said...

He is very small but almost in the dead center of the picture.


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