Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Surprise is Coming

If you are wondering why in the world I haven't posted in a bit its because I have been busy working on something else that will kind of be a fun footnote to this site. There are only two people who read this that know what I am doing but I assure the rest of you, when I finish it, you will like it. And if you don't like it, tough. :)

But since I am posting, a will give you a brief update of what been going down in Fukuchiyama town. First, I start my language exchange with Mari tomorrow. Mari is a really cool Japanese teacher that works with me at one of my classes. Anywho, she wants to hone her English and I want to work on my Japanese. Its a win-win situation.

Secondly, in theory, I will be going to Osaka on Monday. Normally, this is not too big of a deal but this trip is kind of special. The last time I ventured into my favorite city, I was boarding a train and a little voice comes out of the crowd and says "You aren't from around here." Without looking to see where the voice came from I replied, "What gave you that idea?" When I turned around I was confronted by a 4'10" Japanese lady named, Mariko. Over the course of the next hour I talked with Mariko and learned how she once lived in California and came back to Japan a year ago to take care of her ailing mother. She happened to be returning from visiting a friend that was married to an American guy until he died and she returned to Japan. Her friend is terrified that if she doesn't speak English on a regular basis, she will forget it, so she and Mariko get together and speak only English once in a while. Toward the end of the trip, Mariko asked me if I had ever been to a Costco before. I told her that I had worked in one for about 7.5 years and she became ecstatic. Costco is her all time favorite store. So on Monday, I am going with Mariko and her friend to a Costco that is somewhere in Osaka. It should be a fun trip, I think Mariko has a crush on me too so that makes it even funnier. She told me on the train that if she was 30 years younger, she would go out with me because she thought I was handsome. Oh, thats right, I forgot to mention that Mariko is probably pushing 65. :)

She is a very funny lady who speaks very good English, having lived in Cali for 30 years and her kids still live there. For being older, Mari is very spry and active. She goes to the gym a couple of times a week and swims regularly. She also takes computer classes to keep her mind active because she is afraid if she does not use her brain, it will go soft on her due to her age. This is a common thought amongst Japanese people. So after planning for a few weeks, Mariko, her friend, and I are making our way to one of the handful of Costcos in Japan. I am intrigued to see a Japanese Costco but at the same time, loathe the idea of setting foot in one again. Old habit I guess. Either way, it should be a funny experience and an opportunity to get doated upon by two ladies that could be my grandmothers. Since my grandma and great grandma are some 6000 miles away, I am hereby declaring that Mariko is my proxy grandmother...she just doesn't know it...and she has a thing for me.

So anyway, I am going to go burn my clothes now with that final thought but know that something new is going to be added to this site within the next few days. Until then, take care and enjoy the increasingly pleasant weather.


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