Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Nice Relaxing Week

My week in the Miyazu classroom has been a nice one. The kids are for the most part good and the train ride there is very relaxing. I like to kick off my shoes and drink my coffee, while listening to my iPod and enjoying the scenery on the way up there.

Miyazu is supposed to be one of the more beautiful places in Japan but I think that only applies to the summer months because right now if looks like just another little town you would find along the Oregon coast. It has lots of touristy places though so I think business does pick up once it gets warm. My apartment is almost presentable now, I know I have been saying that for days but it is really starting to get there. I am looking around for art I like to put on the walls but so far, there has been a lack of it. I hate putting posters up and would like to get actual framed art but so far not much has presented itself.

I have been on a series of weird musical tangents as of late. The Cure has been frequently scrolling across my iPod, escpecially the song Cut Here. Its basically about how you should not take people for granted and how they may not always be around. I like the lyrics but I really like the music in that song itself.The song, Just Like Heaven has been playing a lot lately too. I have also been listening to a group called Royskopp. Jake, you may like these guys, they are kind of a bastard child of Daft Punk and Bjork. There is a song on their album, The Understanding that I dig called, What Else Is There. The girl is definitely from Iceland and here accent is just cool. It fits into the song very well. The group is more like Daft Punk than Bjork, I just threw here in there cause of that one song. :)I was also on a Scissor Sisters kick for a bit too. Demonator and Phyrry, if you haven't heard these guys give them a listen, especially the songs Mary and Comfortably Numb. These guys are what the Beegees would have been had the Beegees come in the late Nineties or now. Very disco-ey and poppy. And then there is Johnny Cash, I love that guy and I am not 100% sure why, maybe it is the tiny kernel of a hick coming out in me. And then there is the always present on my playlist, Nine Inch Nails and some Marilyn Manson. The psuedo-goth industrial part of me never went away like I thought it had. Anywho, there is a taste of what I have been listening to, yeah, its all over the musical spectrum, I know. What can I say, I am ecclectic in my musical tastes.

Anyways, doing well now and waiting for the weather to warm up a tad more and the cherry blossoms to set in. I can't wait for that. My parents should be shipping me a package in a day or two and with it comes my MP3s(thanks Phyrry) and the Sims 2: Open For Business expansion. Why I like that game, I don't know but I do and I am looking forward to trying the expansion out. Now the question is, how long will the big box of joy take to reach me?

I think I got the internet setup to be installed later this month. That is the one thing that drives me bonkers here is the fact that when I have a conversation with a Japanese person, I always feel like I am coming out of the encounter with a basic gist of what just occurred but never feeling 100% certain. I think the dude is coming to hook up my ADSL on the least I hope. The cool part is that I think I get two months free and the connection I am paying for is 50mbit but will actually only come down at 24mbit. I think the guy told me that soon it would go up to 50mbit so I may as well get it and pay the $1.00 defference in price between the 24mbit and the 50mbit. Hopefully, it all pans out. I am going through YahooBB and the guy that was in the apartment before me said that they orginally told him it would be available in the apartment and then backed out, leaving him to go with someone else. That was over a year ago so hopefully, stuff has changed. If I go with anyone else, I have to buy a phone line and I don't want to do that.

Anywho, it is time I come off the roof and get stuff done before I go to class. Later!


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Tony Lam said...

Cut Here is a good one - do you have their album "Wish"? I like it the best, though I know it isn't their best album.

Try to get Mint Car. There's no way you can't like that one.

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

I do like Scissor Sisters, from what little I've heard of them. And I ended up giving my mom two DVDs of music while she was here this week, including all the Johnny Cash. So the files are being appreciated. :)

The new business expansion includes ELEVATORS! (No more fucking stairs, especially since I've started to cheat to give myself more floors, like, say, six or eight or twelve.) ... that is, I'm really looking forward to it too.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Linguist Jake said...

I've been listening to Ryoksopp for a few years now,g ot hooked on their song "Epie" or "Eple" or whatever it is. They are indeed a good time.


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