Monday, March 27, 2006

Earthquakes and Tacos

Well, I just read Dustin's comment on my previous post and learned that there was an earthquake of the coast of Kyushu. That was the first I have heard of it. Which I guess means, yes, I am safe. Kyushu is the biggest island south of the mainland of Japan, Honshu. I didn't feel the quake or anything so I guess thats good. Japn gets a ton of little quakes each year but this has got to be the most earthquake prepared country I have ever seen. It would take a big quake in a metropolitan area to get the country's attention. So Dustin, thanks for your concern, I am safe and sound....and eating tacos.

I have not had a taco in four months and I must say, I have missed them. In the package my family sent me a few weeks ago, they included taco seasoning and tonight, I opened one of the precious bags. I realized after buying the cheese, I do not have a cheese shredder but a knife made a passable substitute. And the cheese I found tonight was an awesome, flavorful, red cheddar from England. Cheese is hard to find here but when you find it, its tasty stuff. This was aged a little longer than a lot of cheddars I ahve tried but it was nice and sharp and crumbled easily. Good cheese.

Anywho, I downloaded the latest eps of the shows Prison Break, Lost, and 60 Minutes and so I havea pretty good night of taco eating and tv watching ahead of me.



At 7:49 PM, Anonymous dustin said...

My last post sounds a bit . . . matriarchal. Sorry about that. I was up much later than I usually am and must have been a little loopy. Glad to hear that you're alright!


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