Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All Sorts of Stuff to Talk About

Ok, first off, sorry I haven't posted in almost a week. I have been on the busy end of things lately. But, lots of spiffy things have happened over the past couple of days.

First, when I was off on Sunday and Monday, I found this badass junk shop that is about three blocks away from my house. I went nuts there. I bought a bike, comfy reclining chair, and more shelves for only $80.

The bike is friggin' cool. Part of the reason I bought the bike was the name of it, Butterfly Battle. With a name like that, this bike could with the Toure D' France and make Lance Armstrong blush with envy, its jsut that cool of a bike. Here is a couple of pics of it:

As you can see, this bike is top of the line...that is it was top of the line in 1961. But it has everything I need, it came with a lock, that is the circular thing toward the upper part of the rear wheel. And it has a basket and I can put stuff on the back of the bike too. It is just a single gear but I wanted that because if it ever breaks, it will be much easier to fix. It may not look like much, but its a pretty good bike and its called Butterfly Battle. Yeah, it may be a girl's bike but they don't seem to care about that too much around here.

Secondly, my apartment is about as close to being "done" as it can be. I want to get a rug in there but that will probably have to wait a bit due to money stuff that I will talk about in a second. Now that the apartment is pretty much the way I want it sans rug or art, I will post pics of it tomorrow or the next day. But for today, I will show you pics of my apartment building, Coop Bonule or something like that....I like to call simply, The Coop.

This is the exterior of the building:

Here is the parking lot:

Here is my mailbox, #300. As you can see, some of my neighbors have issues with checking their mail despite the fact they have to pass their mailbox as they come in the building. I don't get it:

Here is the first floor:

Second Floor:

And the Third Floor, my place is the first door on the right:

What mystery and magic await behind this door? Stay tuned, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Blog.

To sum it all up, my apartment is in the ghetto of a Japanese town in the sticks. I do live in a ghetto, you should see the rest of the neighborhood. It is not that where I live is unsafe, its just not much to look at. Oh, I forgot to take a pic of the roof but I do like to chill on the rook of the apartment quite often. Its quiet up there and there is a wireless connection. Whoever did the interior decorating for my building, was blind or in a hurry or thought the place would be torn down very quickly. Either way, as you can see, the decor inside the building is less than extraordinary. I like to imagine I am in a big nuclear fallout bunker and the people in this building are some of the chosen few to survive the nuclear holocaust and will go on to repopulate the earth. Yeah.


At 11:03 AM, Anonymous mrslam said...


The Coop is cool and your Butterfly Barbi Bike is coolio!

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous phear said...

Why is your door different? It looks like a special dungeon door or something. The hallways look like a mental institution but it looks clean and nice. The outside is razorafied with the wavy siding/art.

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

Hey, it looks nicer than Chaffee Hall, at least! And your bike is badass.

You already posted a picture of the roof (with your futons airing) -- I would totally hang out up there too, especially since there's a wireless connection.


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