Saturday, February 25, 2006

Feeling Blah

Warning: If you are not in the mood to listen to someone whine, do not read this post.

As the title might suggest, I am not in the best of moods today. Its raining, something I love, until you need to walk five miles in it. I still don`t have a phone because I still don`t have my ARC card and they won`t accept the temporary card I have because it doesn`t have a picture on it. And since I still don`t have a phone or my ARC, I still haven`t signed up for internet yet. This is especially aggravating because it means that my normal means of entertainment is cut off and I am starting to feel it. I am behind on my normal television shows that I download and I can`t talk to people that I want to talk to because I have to walk to the internet cafe like I am doing now to get any internet access at all. To top all of that off, I am feeling kind of lonely and homesick at the moment and that sucks.

Having said that, I have a lot more sympathy for all of the Mexican immigrants that come to Idaho and make their kids do all of the talking for them because they can`t speak English. It is damned inconvenient not being able to speak Japanese on a level in which my daily interactions with people can go smoothly, instead of people having to talk broken English to me or go for a dictionary. I need to learn more Japanese ASAP. I wish I were in the Matrix and I could just have a guy download all of the language knowledge I need instantly to my brain. Having said that, since I do not know the language, it is hard to make any Japanese friends to hang out with or even talk to.

Lastly, I have never had to budget on a monthly basis and that is really stressing me out. I have sat down and worked out how much I spend on trains every month so I know to set that much aside and I am anticipating getting some bills pretty soon so I know to set some aside for those. I think I have everything worked out but I am just not sure, I am not good at stuff like this, though I think I am getting better at it. Its all so odd, it looks like a lot of money that is sitting in my bank account right now but I have a hard time remembering that that money has to last me 27 days. Yeah, I counted exactly. On top of that, I am supposed to send some money home to my parents to pay for my car and insurance and the amount I have left to pay on my laptop. Beh.

What I could use right now, amongst countless other things, is a cat. I think it would just be a nice thing to have some sort of companionship with something. A cat would be low maintanence and a passable substitute for a girlfriend. Yeah, I need to learn Japanese. Either way, I have been missing my old cat Totoro lately because I tell my kids at school about him and they get a kick out of the fact his name is Totoro and he is fat and grey. I also miss my parents dogs, Lucky and Bungie. Alas, I am not allowed to have pets and the apartment I am in would be too small for one so, no cats.

Now that I have whined for a few paragraphs, here are some things I am doing to counteract all of the crap that is on my mind. First, I will soon be starting Japanese lessons at the Community Center here. I need to find the community center and sign up for them, which I may try to do in a bit. I think they are free and there are about a billion reasons for me to learn Japanese. Second, I may go into Osaka tomorrow. I need to get out of Fukuchiyama for a bit and though it will cost me $40.00 round trip for the train ride, it may be a nice little adventure to pep me up a tad. I could go to Himeji or Kakogawa for a little cheaper but for the extra ten bucks, there are tons more things to do in Osaka, namely Den Den Town. What better way to break a depression streak than a daytrip to one of the world`s electronics meccas?

I will hopefully get my ARC card tomorrow or the next and when that happens, I will get my phone and sign up for the internet. It just drives me nuts that those two things hinge on that one goofy card. If it doesn`t come by Tuesday, I am going to go have a chat with them and see whats up. The thing about the internet that sucks is for one reason or another it takes for ever to get service activated once you sign up for it. I have heard 21 days is a fast hook up here. Grrr.

Having griped and whatnot this entire blog, I have decided somethings. First, I will probably stay here for at least two years. Japan has its drawbacks but as I get better with the language, I think those will diminish. I do like it here and there are days when I really like being alone, just not lately. I think the reason this all came about was that I have just been reflecting on my time here and I wish I had someone to talk about all of the stuff with face to face and then maybe cuddle and watch a movie or something afterwards. I think also that once I get my cell phone and the internet, I won`t feel as isolated as I do now.

Anywho, I feel better having written all of this and now I am going to try to find the community center and maybe some shelving for my place. If you read this all the way through, thanks for putting up with my whining. If you didn`t finish, thats cool too, I understand.


At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

*sends hugs*

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous mslam said...

Ohh Tyson-san! Lonely is a frame of mind! Think of all the nice talks you can have with yourself and nobody interrupts! I think that you're doing great!

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous phear said...

I didn't finish. Thanks for understanding!

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous dustin said...

Sorry you're so isolated over there. If it makes you feel any better I (mostly) speak the language here and find myself feeling lonely all the time.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Karie and Reid said...

We feel ya buddy! Even when we do have each other, the lonliness still hits and it sucks. Well, at least you now have your keitai, so we'll be in touch!

It was great to hear from you!

Take care, and text/call anytime!


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Tony Lam said...



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