Sunday, January 22, 2006

R.I.P. Mp3 Hard Drive

Yeah, as Phyrry pointed out in her last comment, my hard drive with all of my mp3s died on me tonight and I am pretty sure the data is lost. I am going to try a couple things on it when I get settled in my next place but I am not optomistic about the chances of recovering them. This sucks but fortunately I have full backups with two different friends. The only thing that blows is now the backups have to be burnt to about 63 dvds and shipped to Japan. Yay!

Oh, the town I am in now is called Fukuchiyama. The full Japanese translation for the town's name is something like "out in the middle of freaking nowhere and removed from most signs of modern civilization". Of course, I made the translation so I may have lost something of the original meaning, though that is the gist of it, I am pretty sure. I am learning that there are some sweet upsides to being there though. First, I will never be called to cover other peoples' shifts because most of the time that would mean a two hour train ride. Second, my office days will be spent at the corporate Fukichiyama branch office, my apartment. Aside from lesson plan making and paperwork, the Fukichiyama branch office sports a bar and a good selection of DVDs to watch. As a team building excercise, I will make the employees watch the Simpsons quite often. Since I am the only employee, no complaints there.

Anywho, this may be the last post for a bit seeing I am unsure when I will have internet again. I will hopefully post tomorrow but no promises. I will update later as to my next spot and its furnishings.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Linguist Jake said...

Hit me up if you need help recovering them. I've had about 14 gigs of music added to my version of the collection since I got back here.


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