Monday, January 02, 2006

The Last Day

Today will mark my last full day in the United States. I have a ton of stuff to do and I am not sure where to really start, so I am typing this.

Most of my clothes are ready to go, they just need to be put in the suitcases. All of my computer stuff is ready as well...or at least it should be in an hour or two. I have been trying to get all of my financial paperwork out of the way so my dad won't have to do too much come tax time and that is almost finished as well. As I said, lots of stuff to finish up and not the biggest amount of time to do it all in.

It seems kind of surreal to be at this point now. Time has clipped by since I returned from my interview to get this job a couple months ago. I don't really know what to say. I think I am still kind of in awe that this is what I am actually going to do and I am not sure if the totality of the whole thing has sunk in yet. On one hand, I am extremely happy and excited that I get to do this because this is going to be a friggin' cool experience. On the other hand, I can't help to think that the whole reason I am doing this is because I am not married anymore and that has been bothering me lately. I think that is due to a couple of things but mostly just because, this is really it and I am really moving on. It will be nice to be in a new environment where I am not constantly inundated with memories. I am anxious to be rid of Boise and all of the baggage that I have come to associate with it.

Another thing that has been bothering me is this, what should I eat for my "last supper"? I have been contemplating Twin Dragon, as I love that place and its food. Panda Express sounds good too but thats not really all that special now is it? Part of me thinks that I should go for something super American, like a big steak. I don't know. I think what will end up happening is that during my running around today, I will end up snagging Wendy's or something lame like that; we'll see.

Anywho, I figured I would post one more post tonight and then after that, I will try to post updates from airports along the way or in Japan itself. I am on the verge of something big and its weird because, while I am excited, I feel surprisingly at piece with everything. I think this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life and it feels good. :)


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