Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Being Lazy

I am starting to get tired. My workdays here in training have been on the average of 12hrs each day and it is starting to get to me. I am starting to get a tad irritable and short tempered. I do not think the rest of the people in my group are doing much better....we all just want to get to our actual apartments and make a home for ourselves.

Today, we got finished with everything earlier than usual so we got back to home around 7:30pm. I went to Matsuya to eat and then wandered around a bit. I did this alone because I think I am starting to get annoyed with doing everything with the group all of the time, there are just too many people to worry about pleasing and keeping track of.

I like Osaka. I think if I wanted to, I could vanish here and no one would know. I find this strangely appealling. People here are nice but at the same time they are all doing their own thing. And nobody knows me. This is also nice. I like to go in and out of shops and just walk without hearing anyone call me or have a cell phone ring. I am seriously contemplating not getting a cell phone though in the end, I probably will. I don't think too many people will call me on it anywho and it is nice to have in case of emergencies.

I will teach my first class on Friday, this should be entertaining. They are eight year olds so I am not too worried. The rest of the people in my group seperate into two camps on the issue of actually teaching a class. The first group is terrified of it and are doing a lot of worrying at the moment. The second group, that I belong to, doesn't really give a damn because we are starting to realize that the stuff we are being shown is not difficult and the classes are not that challenging. The trainer is starting to realize that I am bored I think. I am participating in class activities and all but the material is way too easy to be concerned about. He is starting to ask me more questions about how I would do things differently in actual school situations and I think he has been liking my feedback. I think he is starting to wrap his head around the idea that I really should be doing his job. Hopefully soon, I will be. There are no openings that I know of but he has said positions become available al the time.

Today, we were talking about teaching to multiple intelligence levels and responses. He didn't call it that and I am not sure he even knows that that is indeed what he is doing, but it is a good thing and it does help more kids learn more material. So far, the fundamentals of the program seem sound but the company that is implementing them seems kind of flimsy. I am going to be teaching a lot of little kids and not many teens. this kind of sucks but the little ones are quite amusing. It should be a good learning experience plus it is minimal work that keeps me in Japan with a decent wage. This is good.

Anywho, I am going to get in bed shortly and watch a movie. I am tired and need rest.


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous phear said...

Sounds like a bootcamp type of deal, pushing the envelope to try to weed out the weak ones. At the same time, you have a credential and you should be able to waive the training. Most of the folks have minimal education in the field so this is their chance to get learned.


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