Saturday, December 17, 2005

We May Have A Winner...Hopefully

So over the past day I have been in contact with a person who is extremely interested in buying my car for the full amount I am asking. I am hoping all of this works out ok, I think I am paranoid, but something about the whole deal bothers me. I think this is do to the fact that everything has gone so smoothly up to ths point and I am just waiting for something to go wrong and it hasn't yet. And hopefully, it won't. In all actuallity I have no good hard reason to believe this deal won't go off without a hitch.

Its a said day when I can get bugged by things going too well. There is still a part of me that doesn't actually believe I am going to Japan and I am just waiting for the foot to drop on that too. The other day, I went to get my travel insurance and figured it would be a couple hundred dollars. I was way off there, it ended up costing me $21.00. Thats it. As I said, I am just waiting for a grenade to explode in my face and have all of this fall apart.

In other words, trip preparation, financial stuff, car stuff, everything, is going great. Lets hope it stays that way.


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