Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pearl Harbor Day

Add about six hours and then subtract sixty-four years and planes from the country that I will be going to in less than a month were dropping bombs on Hawaii.

Speaking of Japan, I got my work visa yesterday so now I am officially a resident of Japan as long as I am employed there. It is a pretty spiffy looking sticker that they put inside my passport; the thing that fascinates me with all of these documents is the amount of security measures that are printed and embedded into each one. Holograms, tiny text, unique swirl patterns, watermarkings, and soon, RFID tags. Anywho.

Something to think about throughout this December 7th: If it were not for this innocuous, unseeming day some sixty-some-odd years ago, the United States would not have gotten into what came to be WWII as soon as they did. Had this day not happened, the world might have become a very different place than the one that we live in and know today. This is our grandparents' September 11.


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