Saturday, December 24, 2005

I Still Have A Car

Dammit! The eBay auction ended and the reserve was not meant so, I still have a car.

I am almost to the point of not caring anymore. I am going to have to make another car payment and I am going to have to pay my insurance. After that, my parents will have another month to sell the car before I get to figure out where the money is coming from to make another payment in February. By that time, I will be in Japan so I am just hoping the car sells before then.

Anywho, my cousins came into town today along with Mr. Blue so it is cool that I will be able to se pretty much everyone before I a week and a half. Oh yeah, I found out today who all is going to be in my training group and that I was actually going to be training in Osaka instead of Nagoya. It should be fun either way. The company is putting me up in a hotel that will probably be nicer than the training apartments I have heard about. And they may have wireless internet! Go nerd Mogwai!


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