Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year...Almost

Well, 2006 is almost here and I couldn't be happier. 2005 was easily the weirdest and quite possilby the worst year of my life to date. I think this next year will be better, though I don't know exactly how it could have been worse than 2005.

In the new year, I am pretty much changing everything.....EVERYTHING. All of my life will change beginning in a few short days and I will be able to ditch a good portion of my old life. I am so excited for this and so sick of the life I have now that I am ready for what will come next. New people, new places, new experiences, new everything and I am so friggin' ready.

Tonight, I am going to the Costco Christmas party to say goodbye ot all those people for the last time. TPLConjecture is hanging out over here right now and later on, we are probably going to go see Demonator. Spyder is partying downtown and I am sure I will see him before the night is over, actually I have to see him because I have his hard drive. He leaves tomorrow so that will be the last time we see each other for a while. That kind of sucks, but it is all for the better.

As for New Years Resolutions, I am pretty much against them. You should be setting goals for yourself all the time instead of just at the first of the year. Besides, I will have enough stuff to deal with soon that my ideas of what needs to get done in my life is bound to change.

I am not going to do a year in review, if you want to know what all went on, read the archives. I am sick of thinking about all of it. 2005 will go down as an administrative year that was used to set the stage for the next phase of my life, that is the positive spin I am putting on it.

Happy New Year Everyone! Bring on '06, I am ready.


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