Thursday, December 22, 2005

Car Worries

Well, the auction is almost over and the bidding is at $14100.00 for my car. My reserve is at $17000.00 and so now, I am getting a tad worried. I need this thing to sell. If you know anyone that needs a badass car, tell them to bid on it. The link is below:

Now that the tasteless plug is out of the way, on to the actual post. As the title suggests, I will be glad when the auction ends. I hope the car sells but if it does not, I am not 100% certain on what to do next. I need to ditch this car in a bad way but I do not want to sell it below what I owe on it. If the auction doesn't work, I think I will end up going to a couple of car lots and see if they can just buy the car off of me for what I owe on it. I don't know how this will fly; I owe about $16600 on it and the blue book is in the low range of $17000, like $17300. I just don't want a car payment while I am in Japan. Anywho, I guess I will have a week to figure that out after Christmas.

If you are wondering about the person that got my hopes up a few days ago, I would say that it was probably a scam, though to what end, I am uncertain. I have not seen a check yet and have not heard back from them. I figured there was something up from the first time I communicated with them and I am all but sure of it now. Oh well, it did not effect the auction in anyway so other than my hopes, no harm done.

My car has just under 17hrs until the auction closes and a lot can happen on the last day. I am crossing my fingers.


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