Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yes, I Am A Nerd

More than usual, I have been extremely nerdy today. After laying in bed and playing on my laptop for a good part of the morning, I went to work. Upon, getting off work, I go to TPLConjecture's parents' house and play Magic: The Gathering with him. Up until the other night, I had not played that game since my sophomore year of highschool.

After leaving TPLConjecture, I headed for Jack In The Box for food seeing that I had not eaten a meal since yesterday and had a headache from it. The window person at Jack's was easily confused and I was able to get two meals out of her for the price of one. I love Jack In The Box employees. My meal cost me $6.28, I gave the window girl a ten dollar bill and twenty-eight cents on top of that so I could get back four dollars even. This befuddled the poor teenager and caused a situation that spiraled out of control, making her forget that she already gave me my food and causing her to think that she actually forgot to make my food altogether. Yes, I could have said something but it was much more fun to watch the whole episode unfold. Without saying a word, I almost got three free meals. Who knew counting change could prove to be so hard or costly.

Upon arriving home, I ate and watched The Big Lebowski. Now, I am playing on my laptop while watching Hackers. Yes, I am a nerd. BTW, I got a call about my car today but so far, nothing else has come of it. I did put signs in it this morning as well. Hopefully, it will sell soon but as it looks now, I think I am going to have to pay one more car bill.

Tomorrow is zombie movie night so that should be fun. Vixen, if you read this before I call you, you are more than welcome to attend the undead festivities.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger CtrlAltDelete said...

"Hack The Gibson!!"

What a hilarious movie :)


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