Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I had a cool moment earlier this evening while getting out of my car at the grocery store. As I opened my door, surrounded by a pretty thick mixture of fog/ice, I noticed that the minute ice crystals that were wafting through the air would occassionally catch the light just right and sparkle. It was beautiful.

I probably looked like a goof to anyone that happened to pass by at that moment because I just stood there for a little bit and looked up and around me and watched the sparkles. It was just kind of one of those cool little moments that God gives you every once in a while to remind you that you are indeed alive and the world is still a magical place.

I have been enjoying the thick fog as of late. I like how it makes the streetlights illuminate the air itself and cast a cool orange glow on everything. I took some pictures of it earlier with my new camera, the Kodak P850. So far, I have been impressed by it. It takes really cool low light pics which comes in handy on nights like these.

Today was also I very productive day. I got my car listed in the newspaper. This makes me sad because that has been the best car I've ever owned and I got such a short amount of time with it. On the flip-side of that, I need the money from it and hopefully it will sell before I have to make another payment on it. If I was me, I would buy it. :) I also called the Japanese Consulate in Portland to see about getting my work visa finalized. Those people were freakin' friendly! If all government employees acted like the people at the consulate, everyone would like to deal with the government. Anywho, they said I could just send them everything and they would send it back to me. This is cool because I need to save money and not put anymore mile on my car than need be.

Oh yeah, my certificate of eligibility for my work visa came in the mail yesterday. The weird thing is that it was opened and that kind of freaked me out. It is probably my paranoia kicking in but since they are immigration papers and you need them to live in Japan, I got to thinking about terrorism and whatnot and that led me to call the FBI about it. Yes, I called the FBI and they too were very friendly and appreciative. I would just hate to know that someone got into the country and did something and it was my work visa stuff that they used. The part that was odd was that the paperwork came via secured registered mail via UPS and that the security strip had been removed. It was not like a regular envelope had just come open so I think my paranoia is a tad justified.

Anywho, that pretty much sums up today and yesterday.


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