Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Repair Guy Day

I had the day off today and pretty much all I did was work on other peoples' stereos or computers.

First stop was Mushi's. Yes, I fixed my ex-wife's computer. I am a nice guy but I also wanted the new mp3s she has gathered since our parting and went over to her place today to do all that. I had been dreading it most of the weekend and all of last night; which could be why I went to bed at 9:30pm, a miracle for me. Either way, it didn't go too bad and only one off-handed comment was made and it was made by me. And she actually thought it was kind of funny. Anywho, that was as much fun as hanging out with your ex could possibly be I suppose.

Then I was off to a co-worker's house to work on their computer and got a six pack and dinner out of it so that wasn't too bad....which reminds me, I need to get the beer out of the car before it freezes. Yes, it has been getting a tad cold here.

Lastly, I sold my surround sound setup to my brother and had to make a stop by his place to set it all up and get the subwoofer working. I also used the opportunity to get a bite to eat and play some computer poker. Having lost at computer poker, I returned home and here I am. It was a very busy laid back day.


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