Saturday, November 12, 2005

Less Than A Month

I am getting down to the wire in respects to quitting my job. As of today, I have 27 more days to hang around, watch TV, play video games, and get paid for it. Yesterday, I was bored so I made a paper chain with as many links as I have days left. People at work were cracking up because as of late, the paper chains have become a tradition amongst quitting employees; there are quite a few of us now. In my department alone, there are two other people quitting and one more thinking about it. I have started a fad. :)

Aside from making the chain yesterday, I also started doing the math as far as what I need before I leave for Japan and how much income I am going to have. The figures are kind of lopsided but I should be alright, if need be I have money in savings I can tap into. This all just seems so weird, I am really starting to get excited about the trip. I haven't been this excited for something since I got married but the funny part is my contract for this job will last longer than my marriage did. Such is life. :)

Anywho, I need to get ready for another day at Costco.


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