Monday, November 28, 2005

If I Ever Find Out Who You Are I'm Gonna....

Every morning for the past three days, I have awakened to the sound of my cell phone clucking on my nightstand. Every morning when I answer the clucking, nothing. So help me, if I ever find out whos unidentified number it is that keeps waking me up at the butt crack of dawn...9:30am...I am going to gut them like a hunter would a deer. I will hang them from a tree over a tarp and slice them top to bottom and just watch the blood drain out of them and coagulate on the forest floor. Where I will take them, no one will hear them scream and no one will come to their rescue.

Bottom line: I don't like being woken up.

In other news, Zombie Night was quite fun. Demonator, Phyrry, Vixen, and I went over to The Sandworm's apartment and watched two movies. The first was one I had seen before called Nightmare City, it was Italian and cheesy. It was however, better than I had remembered it. The second masterpiece was Dead Heat, starring the most awesome bad guy of the Eighties, Joe Piscapo. I personally think his best performance was in The Karate Kid as the owner of the Cobra Kai dojo but anywho. It turns out that the brother of the guy that wrote the Lethal Weapon movies wrote Dead Heat. By brother, I mean retarded redheaded step-sibling of the guy that wrote the Lethal Weapon movies. Dead Heat was fun but not one of my zombie top ten and yes, I do have a zombie top ten.

Well, time to go be productive and get some stuff done today.


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous CypherXero said...

Take their phone number, and find some fax services. (I'm taking this from Seinfeld). For instance, get every menu from every restaurant in the United States fax to his number. Without a fax machine, what will happen is his phone will ring every few seconds with an annoying fax sound on the other end.


Or wardial his number over and over and over. His phone won't stop ringing...ever.


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