Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Ho-Hum Halloween

As much as I like Halloween, it being tied for my favorite holiday behind Christmas, this year was boring.

The day started well, my brother and I went to see Saw II. It was a fun slasher flick and much better than the first film but the end was kind of lame and sets the franchise up for another shameless sequel. Either way, blood and Halloween go together so it worked.

After the movie, I ran by my parents' house and picked up my mail. My mom has a touch of the flu and my dad was in McCall on business so not too much was going on there. My mom didn't give out candy but there were almost no kids out anyway so I guess it doesn't matter.

After my parents', I headed over to Phyrry's house to see what she was up to. Like me, she was bored so we went to the mall to watch the little kids trick-or-treating there. That was kind of fun, there was a tiny kid probably no older than three that was dressed like Yoda and he was cool. Halloween is a holiday that makes me wish I had a kid so I could dress him or her up and take them out trick-or-treating. There was a very cute chicken outfit at Costco that I would have dressed them up in. Anywho, you have to have a girlfriend or a wife to have kids so I guess I am getting ahead of myself. :) They would make the holidays and Halloween so much more fun though.

Anywho, Phyrry and I then went to Flying Pie and used the gift certificate that Mr. Blue's dad gave me for working on his computer. The pizza was pretty good as was the salad and I even have leftovers. Following pizza, I dropped Phyrry off and came home, where I played some videogames until now and here I am. A pretty boring Halloween. Oh oh, yesterday Phyrry, Demonator, and I did carve pumpkins. That was a blast despite my being rushed as to make it to work on time. As you can see from the top of the post, our pumpkins guard the stairway to the apartment using all of their scariness to deter would-be visitors; not that trick-or-treaters would go down there anyway, the place looks like the kind of building that a serial killer would hide bodies.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Phyrry said...

Those pumpkins are lookin' good!

I did end up dressing up, by the way.


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