Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dreams and Worries

The past two nights, I have had some crazy lucid dreams. Night before last, I dreamt that I was on LSD. Why? I do not know, but damn, that was a colorful and vivid dream. And for the record, no, I have never done acid. Last night, I had this dream that I meant this goth girl in a bar that was closing down and we went back to her place to watch the Blue Angels fly over her house. Odd. Either way, both dreams were super realistic, like I was watching a movie or something. Anywho, I mention this just because it is a good sign I am sleeping harder now and they were extremely realistic, cool dreams.

On to the worries part. I worry about my brother and his girlfriend. I am a worrier in general but it seems that as of late they have been going through a rough patch and I feel for them. I am especially worried for my brother because I just have this vibe that says she is going to break up with him and for no good reason that I can think of. I dunno, it really is none of my business but I just find it curious that I have let their relationship bother me so much. I constantly wonder when the hammer will fall and my brother will find himself single. It feels like when I was married and or going out with Mushi. This may also be the reason why I am bugged about a relationship that I have absolutely no business being bugged about aside from the fact that the guy is my brother. They make a good couple and I would hate to see them break up. Both of the families involved like each other and get along very well. She is kind of like a little sister to me and I would hate to see her go. I don't want to see my brother hurt especially. Anywho, I try to say supportive things to my bro and hope everything turns out alright. Hopefully, they will. I hope I don't constantly worry about breaking up in my next relationship; it doesn't make things very much fun. This I know.

On a side note, while talking to my brother I found out that he was drinking when he was a sophomore in high school. Damn...I didn't start until I was almost done with my first semester of college and I thought I was starting early. He doesn't drink anymore however, because he had a bad experience with vodka and a beer bong that made him pretty sick. That and he was a jock so when sports started up he had to get into shape. It is funny how almost everyone goes through a streak where they drink nonstop and get it out of their system. At least hopefully, they get the urge out of their system. I still drink but nothing like when I was 19-21, all of those years blur and I don't remember a lot. Ahh...youth.

Thought to ponder: When you dream, how does your body know what falling feels like and how does it trigger that sensation while in a dream state? Why can't we trigger that sensation in a waking state without actually falling or tripping? I am sure there is a scientific answer to it but I have been thinking about that today.


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous phear said...

When astronauts are waitless they feel as tough they are in a constant state of freefall. The fluids in the inner ear spin rather than sticking to the down side (side toward the strongest gravitational pull.

My speculation is that when you enter REM sleep, your mind can emulate this state by blocking the sense of this inner ear fluid. Thus you can take on any arbitrary phisical state...much like your residual self image inside the Matirx.

You can only do this in dream because you are unable to block physical senses while awake.

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Mogwai said...

Good answer...and Matrix reference. :)


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