Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All Sorts of Good News

Today has been a good day! This morning, my contact with the company that is hiring me in Japan called to tell me that my Certificate of Eligibility had been accepted by the Japanese government and that my work visa could now be formally granted. All I have to do now is book my plane ticket and get a stamp on my passport at a Japanese embassy stating that I am a legal resident of Japan as long as I am employed.

While at work today, I spoke to my warehouse manager about paying me for a special kind of vacation pay that I did not think I would be eligible to get after I quit and found out that I would indeed get that money too. All in all, my last paycheck from Costco is going to be around $2000. This will help me out a ton, now I just need to sell my car.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday so I got the day off and am just going to relax over at my parents' house most of the day and go have dinner with them. So, as the title implies, all of the goings on as of late have made for a pretty good set of days.


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