Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wierd Dream

I just woke up from this funky dream a few seconds ago. I was in a huge cave complex and I mean huge, the ceiling was non-existant, and the walls were nowhere to be seen but there was no sunlight. I had a sniper rifle and a pistol and was fighting my way through all sorts of stuff. At one point I had to shoot buffalo or elephants that were not letting me cross a bridge. I then came upon a big group of teenagers that were camping and unaware of the danger that they were in. I had to save one of them from this guy that looked like a messed up version of Apocalypse from the X-Men. The Apocalypse dude was going to use this one male teenager for sex before I freed him. Unfortunately, after I got the guy out and went back to take out the scary gay guy, I was trapped on a ledge without enough room to swing my rifle around to take him out and he was running toward me so instead of being killed by him, I jumped head first from this ledge and broke my neck on the ground a few stories below.

Then I woke up.



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