Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Valu Day

Demonator and I just got back from a minor grocery shopping quest. While on the quest we stumbled across these Valu Snack Pies. We were trying to find a snack pie that would remind us of the very tasty Ninja Turtle Snack Pies of our younger years and these were as close as we got. Demonator said that they dropped the "E" in Value in order to pass the savings on to the consumer; I can't argue with that logic. The pies were ok tasting but for less than a quarter what do you expect?

In other news, my passport came on Saturday so I finished all of my paperwork for my Work Visa and sent it off. Japan here I come! In order to help prepare my family for Japan when they visit, I took my mom and brother to Zutto last night. That was funny; halfway through the meal my brother gave up on chopsticks and started to use his hands. He has such bad ass hand-eye coordination you would think he would pick chopsticks up in a snap but such is not the case. Alas, I come from a family of Saltines. My mom faired much better and even tried the sushi I ordered...AND SHE LIKED IT! Maybe there is hope for her yet, my brother, on the other hand did not like the sushi and said we were both wierd for eatting it. Where was my dad in all of this, he was out of town or else we could have never eaten at Zutto in the first place. My dad does not like rice or eggs. I have my doubts about his eatting when they come to visit me but he insists that as long as they have either a Starbucks or Moxie Java that he will survive. Japan does indeed have both franchises, my dad looked it up to be sure.

I went back to the gym today and found that my body is going to have to be eased back into the work after almost a month off. My arms are shakey still and I know they will be sore tomorrow but my mental outlook is so much better after working out that it is worth it.

Anywho, I just figured I would post an update before dinner and dinner is done so I must be going. Later!


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous phear said...

If there was any valu in it, I would drop 'E' daily!

iMay sound as iF iHave a large iGo but only iCan iNitiate puns so iNcredibly iNgenious. iRule!



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