Friday, October 14, 2005

Tension...High Tension

I just finished watching High Tension and I must say that it satisfied my craving for a good slasher flick. The movie was indeed suspenseful and dark, something I have been in the mood for lately.

The movie is French, which I thought was kind of funny because France is not known for their horror fact, I can't think of another French horror film. If you like horror movies and you are in your mid-twenties, think back to all of the fun gore fests we had in the 80's, update them a tad, and you have High Tension. The directors of the film one-upped most American slashers by actually thinking about camera effects and lighting. This is not to say that American slashers are all cheesy but most of them put the gore and blood in the forefront and the camerawork on the backburner, this movie is the opposite. Some of the shots with lighting behind the actors and whatnot looked really good, I was impressed.

Anywho, watch High Tension if you want to see some blood and hears some screams. Its not a very creepy movie but it is a very suspenseful one, good for a violence fix.


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