Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Pretty Worthless Day

It used to be, when I would call in sick to work there was a good reason for, like playing some well deserved video games. And I have done a lot of that today. But I just feel kind of like I wasted the day. I meant to go work out, I didn't. I just sat around, watched movies, and played video games.

I did go shopping with Phyrry earlier and that at least got me out of the house. Dinner was also goo, Phyrry made tacos. But other than that it has been a day devoid of anything really productive. Tomorrow, I legitimately have the day off and am going to go get my hair cut. I am also going to really force myself to go to the gym. The thing about working out, is when you are in the rhythm it is easy. Once you get out of that rhythm it is hard to get back into. Here's to trying.

Saturday should be fun though. It is Phyrry's birthday and she, Demonator, Vixen, and I are going to Cottonwood Grill. That will rock. I am so in the mood for a New York strip right now I can taste its medium wellness as I type. Ahhh.....anywho, to recap, it was a pretty worthless day. :)


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