Friday, October 21, 2005

Opportunity Keeps Knocking

The past couple of days have been really weird. It started the other day when I got an email from Micron asking me if I was still interested in a position as an employee training specialist. It was kind of a form mail and I am not going to respond to it because I already have anotehr job lined up and I am kind of pissed at them for taking as long as they did to get back to me. I applied to that job two friggin' months ago; not exactly what I would call a prompt reply. Hey Micron, people will feel a tad more compelled to work for you if you sound a tad more compelled to hire them!!

Then today, I checked my email and I had a message from my boss at the Idaho State Historical Society, besically telling me that there would be a position coming open really soon and though it was part-time and he knew I was going to Japan, he thought he would give me a heads up. I always liked Troy and replied back to his message telling him that I was staying the course for now and going to Japan. I thank him and told him I would keep in touch with him, which I do plan on doing because I really did like working there and I liked the fact that I was furthering a cause by doing so. It was a good experience.

I have decided that when/if I come back from Japan, I will probably start work on my Masters and maybe look into getting two of them. I am torn between a specific degree in Japanese historical studies using first hand sources (meaning I would be reading Japanese) or an Applied History degree that would let me do more archival work. I really did like archival work. I guess I will figure that out when the time comes and some of it will depend on how well I can read Japanese. I found another historical group I would like to work for but they require at least a Masters to even think about applying. They are basically a historical think tank based in North Carolina and Virginia. Anywho, that is another option I can explore later. It is so nice being able to look at my future from a career standpoint and see something positive. That makes me happy.


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