Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Won At Poker

Finally, I can say that I have actually won a game of poker! I played with my family and my aunt and uncle tonight and I schooled them. I feel kind of bad because I was a lot more aggressive than most of them were used to and I think I may have come of as being kind of a jackass toward the end. My brother knew what was coming, as did my dad, but my aunt and uncle don't usually play for money and I think my bro and I's competitive streak scared them a tad.

I didn't win a lot, eight bucks, but that something. My brother and I do not treat poker like a "game",we see it as a way to make money, when you come across people like us and you are a person that just sees the whole thing as an amusing card game, I can see how it may not be as much fun. Either way, I took their money. :)

I have definitely learned from my past poker mistakes and am much more calculating than I used to be. I do not take the risks that I used to when I first started. Lately, this has meant that I am in the game for a lot longer. I like that.

Anywho, I won and I needed to brag. Good night.


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